Thursday, August 14, 2008

NHL 09 Media Blowout

At this point there can be no doubt that EA's NHL 09 is going to dominate the world when it arrives in early September. I have to admit that I was not planning on picking up 09 early on as I have been very content with NHL 08, and with the latest rosters in tow was not feeling compelled to pony up another $60. Needless to say I have changed my mind.

I will have a lot more coverage on NHL 09 in the coming weeks but the wave of fresh new videos this week has forced my hand a bit. Before I get to the videos, there are a couple quick things I want to address:

  • Be sure to take a second and vote in my poll on the right. I really would like some input on which position I should make my "Be A Pro" player. I am leaning towards being a goalie, but I am not totally sold yet so be sure to have your say.
  • It is about 99% certain that I will be starting up an EASHL team and I am looking for people to join up. I will go into more detail on this later, but if you are an XBox 360 player and have any interest in being on this team leave a comment, send me an e-mail, or just stayed tuned here for more info.
Now then, on to the videos:
Passing Gameplay

First Fight Footage

"Be A Pro" Player Types

EASHL Demo (This is a MUST watch!)

New Features

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Tom said...

I've always found it annoying in sports games when that the crowd never stops going crazy. I'd love to see a little more realism in the crowd animations, perhaps having the fans walkout on the home team late in a blowout, or booing a the opponent's best player when he touches the puck. But at a minimum the crowd should not be standing up and pumping their fists in the air during an opponent's power play.

Looks like the gameplay is a little more realistic along the boards, though. Prior versions never quite captured the scrums in the corners.