Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Of Bright Sides, Silver Linings, and Glasses Half Full

Much has been made about the travesty that was Sunday's Liverpool- Chelsea match pretty much since the second Frank Lampard's spot kick hit the back of the net. And now the news comes out that referee Rob Styles and The Special One are BFFs and Styles is on Abramovich's payroll to boot. Well I'm not going to dwell on the negative here, there are many positives to be taken away from this (much like the two points that were taken away from the Reds on Sunday) and we should focus on them:

  • Referee Rob Styles has apologized for his mistaken penalty call. See? Everything's all better now.
  • The EPL has removed Styles from officiating this weekend and hopefully beyond. If they want to let him ref again that is fine, but Styles should never be near a Liverpool or Chelsea match ever again.
  • Fernando Torres is on the board! El NiƱo scored a world class goal that should have won the game. Nevertheless is was a spectacular goal against a top side and another good indication that bringing him to Merseyside this summer was money well spent.
  • The fact that this Liverpool squad can walk away from a draw with Chelsea knowing they were the better side could be just what they needed to carry them through the EPL this year. The Reds a legit contenders and the title race looks to be tight this year. As long as Liverpool don't miss out on the silverware (or heaven forbid Champions League qualification) by two points this game can still be seen as something of a positive. Now the boys just have to take care of the teams they are supposed to beat.
On a completely unrelated note, possibly the greatest thing since I started this blog happened yesterday. Some wonderful person out there got directed to this blog by googling "Gretzky hate". Things like that are why Al Gore invented the internet.

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