Monday, July 9, 2007

Getting Caught Up!

Wow, I picked the wrong time to be away for over a week. Let's get to it:

  • Ronnie Franchise (that's Ron Francis to you and me) is now immortal! The most underrated player in NHL history gets the highest individual honor possible. He is also a part of the highest scoring class to ever enter the Hall. And it's nice to see he hasn't forgotten his time in black and gold.
  • El Nino season has hit Liverpool! With the superstar striker hole apparently filled, Rafa is now shifting his focus to adding wingers and shedding dead weight (Cisse, Bellamy, Zenden, etc.) In other positive news, Rafa has confirmed that neither Crouch nor Pennant are going anywhere.
  • thePensblog admits defeat at the hands of TOFTT's vast wealth of 90's Penguins knowledge.
  • NHL free agency is out of control! The money being thrown around out there is insane. But I couldn't be happier that the Flyers just signed a guy entering his thirties and just slightly bigger than my six year old daughter to an eight (yes, as in 8) year contract. I must admit though, the Atlantic Division is a lot tougher than it was 10 days ago.
  • In case you forgot, baseball players fight like girls.
That's all I got right now. It's good to be back. Until next time...
Viva la Rafalution and in Shero We Trust!

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