Monday, July 23, 2007

MLS has a new Beane counter

Some news stories are so great you can't help but smile after reading them. This story would have to fall into that category. Moneyball subject and soccer devotee Billy Beane is going to play a significant role in running the newly reformed San Jose Earthquakes. Since Beane is a self-proclaimed soccer nut and the owner of the A's is also the owner of Earthquakes Ver. 2.0 it makes perfect sense for Billy to be involved.

Beane is also perfectly qualified to run a team where the players all make next to nothing, since that is just what he does with the A's. It is going to be interesting to see how Beane's roll with the Quakes evolves and what kind of eye for talent he has in the soccer world. Soccer isn't nearly as statistically oriented as baseball so it stands to reason that Billy won't be able to put a soccer twist on his tried and true baseball philosophies.

A's/Quakes owner Lew Wolff has made it clear that Beane's duties with the A's will not be altered or diminished in any way to compensate for his involvement with the Quakes, but I know enough about Billy to have confidence in his ability to keep the A's on track and help the Quakes flourish. As a fan it is nice to know that my favorite teams are being run by some of the best executives in their respective businesses. Watching Shero, Rafa, and Billy run my teams so well is sheer bliss. And now I get a double dose of Beane-ball. This could actually make me want to pay slightly more attention to MLS. At least until the Premiership starts back up.

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