Sunday, July 22, 2007

Michael Vick Is (allegedly) The Devil

DISCLAIMER: This is a sports blog, and sometimes sports stars are involved in stories that are noteworthy for reasons other than performances in games. This post covers the indictment of Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick. He is charged in a federal court with running a dog fighting ring and committing some truly horrifying acts on his dogs, in addition to the cruelty of the dog fighting itself. Some of the details of the indictment are included in this post. This material may be disturbing to sensitive readers, particularly animal lovers. READER DISCRETION IS ADVISED.

I'll say it again. Michael Vick is the Devil. He has to be. A normal human being could not do the things he is "accused" of doing.

Before I go on, I should clarify something. Let's face it: the words "accused" and "allegedly" are being used to cover my ass in the unlikely event Vick's lawyers find themselves with enough time in between court dates to read my rantings, but I'm pretty sure these things (some of which I'll discuss in a minute) don't happen on your property without your knowledge. And besides, it is abundantly clear that Vick's lawyers have their hands full right now: Keeping client out of federal penitentiary > Suing blogger from Smalltown, PA

Back to my original point, Vick and all other purveyors of dog fighting are evil. The things Vick is charged with doing are gruesome and unfathomable. The things I will be detailing have been taken directly from the 18-page grand jury indictment. Reading it has been tough for me. I have 4 dogs: a rescued Chocolate Lab, a Golden Retriever, and 2 rescued Greyhounds. They are like my children. There aren't words in the English language that could accurately describe my outrage at the Vick situation. John Stewart of The Daily Show said it best when he said he wanted to cover Vick in liver treats and let the fighting dogs have at him.

Basically, the indictment alleges that Vick and some of his sleaziest pals bought a property in Smithfield, Virginia, where they held dog fights. (It is important to mention that it is also alleged that Vick's "Bad Newz Kennels" is only one in a much larger dog fighting syndicate.) They are charged with taking their dogs across state lines (hence the federal indictment) to compete, in addition to hosting competitions in the buildings on this property. Reports on CNN indicated that authorities said the walls of the buildings on the property were covered in dog blood.

They are charged with executing the losing dogs in horrific ways, such as drowning, shooting, hanging, and "slamming at least one dog's body to the ground." The most horrific execution was done by dousing the dog with water and electrocuting her. The Feds seized some disturbing equipment from the property, as well, including "break sticks" that are used to pry apart the jaws of dogs in battle and "rape stands" that are used to breed females that are too aggressive to submit to males. More than 50 dogs were seized, most of which had injuries or scars from injuries consistent with injuries sustained in dog fights.

Stand up guy, isn't he? Amidst all of this, there is a separate but related controversy brewing in the NFL. Michael Vick did not receive a suspension. The brass at the NFL issued a statement saying they will graciously allow the due process of the American justice system to come to a conclusion before the NFL will take action on Vick, after all - he IS innocent until proven guilty, no?

HERE'S MY PROBLEM WITH THAT: In April 2007, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announced that Tennessee Titans cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones was suspended for an entire season for his not-so-exemplary conduct off the field. Pacman, you see, was involved in no less than 10 incidents where he was questioned by police. The justification for this suspension was that Jones violated the NFL's personal conduct policy. That's fine, but Michael Vick has committed more than one act that would fall under this policy's broad spectrum, as well. Doesn't anyone remember the water bottle incident? Or how about the herpes lawsuit? If the NFL policy requires only accusations and questionings but doesn't need a conviction as grounds to suspend a player for an entire season, then Michael Vick has earned a lifetime ban.


snoopyjode said...

i worked on this article over this weekend and posted it on sunday, july 22, 2007. as of monday evening, july 23, 2007, michael vick was ordered to stay away from training camp by nfl commissioner roger goodell. apparently, vick will remain banned from camp while the league looks at the charges against him to determine whether or not he violated the nfl's personal conduct policy. (i think you can tell from my post how i feel about that.)

vick will continue to receive his preseason pay. (what a joke.)

Candace said...

Vick is the devil! i made this video!

Anonymous said...

I agree the dog fighting is a disgusting, cruel sport. The trouble is though, not all dogs are created equal. Labrador retrievers and greyhounds are good companions and make good pets-the former being bred to be friendly with humans. Pit bulls on the other hand, were specifically bred for their aggression. They were NOT intended to be house pets and their breeding history makes them very dangerous and upredictable.
Thats not to say that they *should* be used as fighting dogs, but pit bull owners have a responsibility to keep their dogs under control and prevent them from getting loose where they can harm people and other pets.